Surface Engineering Group


World-Class Provider of Surface Enhancing Equipment


SEG is a leading supplier of vacuum coating equipment.  Our surface enhancing technology is used around the world by large and small companies to enhance the products they sell and solve wear problems for their customers.  Our mission is to consistently provide the most equipment value per dollar with consistently high reliability and quality.


Surface Engineering Group specializes in manufacturing cathodic arc PVD equipment and sputtering process systems.  Whether it is refurbishing an old coating system or designing a new system to your specifications, SEG has a solution for you.


With SEG, you get the latest technology and the following benefits: 1_1


– Cutting Edge Cathodic-Arc PVD technology
(TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, CrN, AlCrN, etc.)

– Over 50 years of experience building high-tech coating equipment.

– Most cost-effective coating equipment and component solution available anywhere.

– Process Automation

– Advanced Engineering Support for Cleaning, Fixturing and Process Operations.


We have a network of vendors from all over the world that we can access to obtain that rare material you are looking for at a very competitive price.


If you are looking for PVD coating equipment or need engineering support on your current equipment, give us a call.  You won’t find a more cost-effective solution anywhere.